ROWDY BAG #Super Tough (M) Hand luggage

Shipping in: 3 days

The ROWDY BAG # TOUGH is made with technical cotton canvas. It’s perfect for escapades, you can toss it from one place to the next, from the truck to the pick-up boot, from the baggage hatch to the cab, from a ferry to a space shuttle. Perfect to take travelling, for the city, training, the gym, to work.  

The size of ROWDY BAGS was thought for flying with a large cargo of hand luggage. This bag gets in through all gateways. We down’ want to know what are you smuggling - We testify about the approved size (2016) and how you look in the eyes of other passengers.

Capacity: 100 kg

Fabric: Cotton, Mosquita safe

Color: Orginal Norwegian Camu

Size: 55x25x25 cm

Tape: Cotton

Origin: Made in Poland

Cleaning: spot cleaning, do not wash

#Vegan    #Eco   #Organic   #ExtremlyDurable  #LocalProduction 

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